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What We Do

...and how we do it

Making a podcast is one thing. Making a great podcast is quite another. That's why we at Awesome Panda Productions are so valuable. We have spent many years in both broadcast journalism and marketing/PR so we know exactly what you and your audience require.
Maybe you need a series of podcasts to show your expertise, a one off show to tell the story of an event, or a podcast for internal communications. Or perhaps you need something completely different. The flexibility of podcasting means that almost anything is possible and with Awesome Panda Productions it will be done to the highest standards.
Our service includes initial consultation, scripting, recording, editing and publishing of the podcast to platforms such as Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Spotify.

Recording Studio

Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • One of the world's largest telecommunications companies

  • A multinational software and IT business

  • An organisation supplying strategic advice to the energy industry

  • One of the largest food wholesalers in the UK

  • A world-class sport and exercise medicine group


What our clients say about us

"When I first started working with Awesome Panda I’d never done anything like a podcast before. I was a bit uncomfortable at first but Ben made if really easy, fun and stress free. The outcome was natural, relaxed and engaging…more thanks to Ben’s editing than my broadcasting ability! Now it’s a weekly highlight of my diary."

"Awesome Panda Productions are on course to produce around 100 podcast episodes for us in the 12 months.The podcasts have set us apart from our competitors and are consistently of the highest quality. They are a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend their services highly enough."

Emma Evans, Head of Network Communications and Experience, O2

Simon Corbett,  CEO,  Jargon PR

“We have worked with Awesome Panda for over a year on the podcast series for the Slough Trading Estate. They have produced over 20 episodes and the podcast has really hit a sweet spot with customers and other stakeholders on the Estate. We find them incredibly professional – responsive, high quality and good value. We also really enjoy working with them.”

"Awesome Panda have played an essential role in supporting us in a new route of marketing for our business. Their experience and know-how of how to structure an informative and punchy episode and their knowledge on effective interviewing techniques has really helped to create a quality output for our audience. Awesome Panda have been fantastic at supporting content, being flexible to meet our demands, and editing with a quick turnaround."

Nick Hughes, Director of Communications, SEGRO

Joe Angliss, Senior Customer Marketing Executive, Bidfood UK

Take a Listen

Here are some examples of our work


Energy Unplugged

What initially started as a quarterly 'event review' has now developed into a weekly series.  Experts from around the world regularly take part and it has gained a huge reputation within the industry.

Talking Food

A monthly podcast designed to appeal to clients and food lovers. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, it has been recorded remotely and with great success.

The Wine Cellar Sessions

The Wine Cellar Sessions

"The conversations start in an honest and open fashion, and become even more honest and open by the end"  - The MD of an executive search boutique interviews 'movers and shakers' whilst sharing a  bottle of wine in his virtual cellar.

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And finally... How we got our name

Why Awesome Panda?

We employed a number of top focus groups and marketing gurus to come up with a go-getting name that would neatly summarise the excellent service that we provide. However, most of these sounded like they were rejected by candidates from The Apprentice for being too corny. So, instead we went with what the company founder's daughter used to call her toy panda. Since taking this decision we have realised that saying "Hi, I'm from Awesome Panda" can make you sound a bit daft. Life is a journey of learning.

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