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Making a podcast is one thing. Making a great podcast is quite another. That's why we at Awesome Panda Productions are so valuable. We have spent many years in both broadcast journalism and marketing/PR so we know exactly what you and your audience require.
Maybe you need a series of podcasts to show your expertise, a one off show to tell the story of an event, or a podcast for internal communications. Or perhaps you need something completely different. The flexibility of podcasting means that almost anything is possible and with Awesome Panda Productions it will be done to the highest standards.
Our service includes initial consultation, scripting, recording, editing and publishing of the podcast to platforms such as Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and Spotify.

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Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • One of the world's largest telecommunications companies

  • A multinational software and IT business

  • An organisation supplying strategic advice to the energy industry

  • One of the largest food wholesalers in the UK

  • A world-class sport and exercise medicine group



What our clients say about us


"When I first started working with Awesome Panda I’d never done anything like a podcast before. I was a bit uncomfortable at first but Ben made if really easy, fun and stress free. The outcome was natural, relaxed and engaging…more thanks to Ben’s editing than my broadcasting ability! Now it’s a weekly highlight of my diary."

Emma Evans, Head of Network Communications and Experience, O2


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